Day 60 – this load feels so much lighter since i met you

Day 60 – a Song that Mentions Your Eye Colour in it

This seems like a weird category to me but I’m just going to roll with it. Conveniently, Coldplay’s sophomore album A Rush of Blood to the Head has a song on it called Green Eyes. How perfect is that! Thanks, Coldplay, for always looking out for me. Can we also take a moment to reflect on how great Coldplay’s early stuff is? I admire so much the way their sound has evolved flawlessly over the years, but in my opinion nothing beats the early days of Parachutes and Rush.


i’m not used to thinking of actual titles

I’ve mentioned about 6839 times how much I love&adore Cold War Kids, and that has a lot to do with Nathan Willett’s super unique voice. He has a side project called French Style Furs and they just released their debut album and it’s so legit. I’ve been listening to little else for the last couple of weeks.

And Cold War Kids themselves just released the first single from their newest yet-unnamed album and it’s radical. I for real just love them. For real.