fatboy slim is THE man/i’ve returned(?)

Hey friends. It’s been a while. I’ve missed posting music so I’m back to do that and maybe I’ll start posting real things too? Who knows. I’ve had an eventful life these past 9 months. Things are weird and wonderful and happy and sad and I’m not sure what to make of anything right now.

But, to celebrate my return to el bloggo I’m posting my favourite celebratory song, not in the scheme of the song challenge but simply as a song that brings me joy.

Also, this music video is possibly one of my favourites of all time.



Day 50 – but time stands still with you

Day 50 – the Song That Comes Up When You Go to Youtube and Type in “(your name) + song)

So this seems like an awful challenge. But guess what, it’s not! I typed “mariel song” into youtube’s all knowing search box and came up with this. I’m pretty sure this guy wrote his girlfriend a song for her birthday. It’s kinda cute. The lyrics are in the video description so if you click the link through to Youtube instead of watching it on this page, you can read along! Who doesn’t love reading.

So that was the first video that came up. But the video right after it – while not a song about Mariel – was a choreographed dance by a dancer named Mariel, so that’s kind of cool. I’ve been watching Keone & Mariel videos for the last half hour. They’re crazy good dancers. So here’s a dance they did to The Cup Song, which is sort of ironic because the last post was about a cappella songs. This is like two in one! What!

That’s me dancing.