Day 57 – fine as we are, but we want more – that’s human nature at its best

Day 57 – a Song By a Band or Artist You Wish You Could Hang Out With

Lauren Aquilina is one of my FAVOURITE artists. I only discovered her a couple of months ago, but she’s really quite incredible. Her voice has a rather unique quality about it, being all at once both deep and soulful and high and feathery. She’s self-released three EPs over the last three years and has headlined several festivals in the UK, as well as toured in several different countries. She played her first show in the US to a sold-out crowd in Manhattan, and has gained the attention of the world through her elaborate instrumentation, poignant lyrics, and beautifully exquisite vocals. All of this is more astonishing when it’s taken into consideration that she’s only 19 – a few months younger than me, in fact. I know that all of this sounds very much like a rave review but honestly, this girl is so cool. I could fangirl about her all day.

One of my favourite things about Lauren is her social media presence. She treats her facebook fan page as a personal page, posting random pictures and status updates from her life. It helps not only to establish that she is in fact a very real person, but it also helps her fans to feel as though they’re her friends. She keeps track of the people who buy her music and recently gifted a special edition set of her Fools, Sinners, and Liars EPs to the girl who was the first person to buy Lauren’s music.

She’s just a cool person all around. If I could hang out with a band or artist for a day, I would love to hang out with Lauren.

This is the first song of hers I ever heard.