Day 58 – oh, i’ve got a burning fire in the bed of my soul

Day 58 – a Song that Makes You Want to Drive Down a Country Road

Welcome to Saskatchewan, where the country roads are terrible and the city roads are basically country roads. I do not think I have ever in my life heard a song that makes me want to jump in my car and take a bone-rattling ride down a narrow badly graded gravel path that may or may not be [and definitely is] filled with potholes, so many potholes that in fact the road is one big pothole and there are literally cows that just stand in the middle of the road like they’re at a mixer with all the deer that are also doing that and you may or may not hit some poor farmer’s dog because it just runs into the middle of the road like it has a death wish and heaven forbid that there’s snow or ice on the road because you will slip right the heck off into the bottomless ditch where you will probably never be found because you were the first one to traverse that particular stretch in the last 50 years or so and even when travellers do go down that road again in another 50 years they won’t see your rusted tin can because it’s in the ditch and one day archaeologists will dig you up and try to understand exactly what possessed you to drive through the desolate wasteland that is southern Saskatchewan [or North Montana as it’ll be known by then] and they’ll imagine it’s some heroic reason like you were on a quest and you sadly succumbed to the elements but the reality is you just heard a really good song and wanted to drive down a country road.

Literally never in my life have I felt that urge.

Day 58 – a Song

That’s more my style.


on the anger that sometimes accompanies reading

I really love reading. Some people don’t like reading, and I don’t understand that. I think books are amazing – that these random arrangements of 26 different letters on several pieces of paper bound together between two pieces of cardboard have the ability to transport the reader into a different place, a different time, a different dimension – in my opinion that’s nothing short of magical. I devour books. All books, too – not only novels. I love poetry and biographies and how-to’s and history and textbooks and it really doesn’t matter what I’m reading, as long as it’s something stimulating and engaging. Obviously there are books in all of these categories that are not well-written and thus not enjoyable to read, but for the most part I find great joy in reading.

I read more when I was homeschooled/before I discovered that music is a thing, but being home for the summer now with no job on the horizon and nothing really to do with my time, I’ve settled back into my routine of reading everything I can get my hands on. I’ve been home 10 days now and so far I’ve averaged a book a day – I burned through the Harry Potter series [for the millionth time [although I started the first book while I was at school so maybe it doesn’t count]] and just finished the Divergent trilogy [I had read the first two books before but only just had the opportunity to read Allegiant].

Some books, though, no matter how well written, make me angry. And that’s the real point of this post, because it is 1 am and therefore unacceptable for me to scream in rage because apparently my family goes to bed before midnight. Therefore I’m going to write everything down very calmly in an attempt to soothe my heart, which is full of hatred and bloodlust and anger.

I literally just finished Allegiant three minutes ago, and although I didn’t really expect a happy ending from a dystopian trilogy, I was expecting more ambiguity than outright sadness. My highest priority right now is to hunt down Veronica Roth and murder her viciously in her sleep talk to her about the trauma that must have occurred in her past to prompt her to introduce such a horrible twist on the story. And I’m being super vague because I know that next to nobody reads this blog but if the few stragglers who do read it happen to be in the middle of the trilogy I really don’t want to spoil anything for them [but if anyone has in fact finished Allegiant and knows of the great tragedy to which I am referring, I would love to yell at you about it for an hour or two some time]. Blegh. Warhejkhfs. Whysoidjhsd.

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