“Mariel why no do the music thing no more”

Well sweet children, I’m nearing the end of my 80 Day Song Challenge, and by that I mean I’m at day 51 of 80. But I scared myself by going on a roll and posting 6 songs in 6 days which is far too fast, considering that I started the challenge in March of 2013 and was barely halfway done a year later. The long and the short of it is that I’m saving the rest of the challenge until I’m back at school so that I’m forced to listen to music once in a while, because otherwise I don’t really make time for it. And I want to. So I decided to take a three month hiatus [which let’s be real, is nothing out of the ordinary for me especially considering that I had only done three days of the challenge when I decided to put it off for six months. What. Obviously I have commitment issues]. So I’ll be resuming in September. Maybe. Before Christmas for sure. Maybe.

“What do you look like irl”

Think Hermione Granger. But not Goblet-to-Hallows pretty Granger. Think Philospher’s Stone, frizzy-haired-Ron-you-have-dirt-on-your-nose-I-can’t-even-fight-a-troll-I-know-all-about-Devil’s-Snare-because-I-spend-all-my-time-in-the-library Hermione Granger. I think that’s an accurate picture. Except I’m not 11.

“Why do you have an FAQ”

Because I’m a mega-blog that moms read all the time. Kidding about the megablog. Not kidding about the moms. I’ve had a big increase in mom traffic over the last couple months and it’s all because I started talking about my hair. What. Also AMERICANS. Americans have been ALL OVER MY BLOG in the last month or so! I don’t even know why because I’ve basically stopped posting things altogether but every now and then I’ll check on my stats and I’ll see that like 15 new visitors have been to my blog in the past 24 hours, and 14 of them are from America. And that’s not even views! 14 SEPARATE AMERICAN IP ADDRESSES LOOKING AT MY BLOG AND RACKING UP MY VIEW COUNT. What are you doing with your life, America! Is this because I posted that one Sufjan Stevens post and it had the word Illinois in it? I know that’s American but I don’t read every blog post with Saskatchewan tagged in it. You guys are weird. But you’re bumping my site stats in a very major way, so keep on. What was the original question? Right. Why do I have an FAQ? Well, the truth is, I don’t. But I received the first two questions [the first one was, albeit, written a little better before I got to it] so I thought ok, FAQ it is. This question wasn’t even a question. No one asked me why I have an FAQ. I actually just asked it to myself to lend some context to why I posted the first two questions, but then I got off track talking about site traffic and visitor counts and America and moms. American moms. Okay. I’m done now.

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something gross.

Belated New Year’s Resolution: I’m not going to shampoo my hair all summer.

How you probably read that: I’m not going to wash my hair all summer.

What I meant: I’m not going to shampoo my hair all summer.

Not because I’m turning into a crunchy hippie, but because I’m tired of spending a million dollars on shampoo every month. There’s a not-so-recent trend going around the internet called ‘no-poo’ and while I think that’s a ridiculous name, I think there’s merit in the argument against shampoo. I could regurgitate facts about how shampoo is harmful for hair and whatever but there are approximately 16 trillion blogs on the internet [mostly crunchy mom blogs, go figure] which can tell you these facts in a much more impassioned way than I could ever hope to so I’m going to leave that to them. Suffice it to say, I’m tired of having to wash my hair every day and I think this method will help alleviate that chore.

Instead of washing with shampoo then, starting yesterday I’m washing my hair with baking soda. Baking soda cleanses the scalp and hair without stripping either of their natural oils so somehow that makes your hair nicer. I don’t know. I’m not a scientist. Look it up somewhere else.

Just as baking soda takes the place of shampoo, apple cider vinegar takes the place of conditioner [something about bases and acids cancelling one another out. it works. i don’t know]. However, since I didn’t have ACV when I washed my hair yesterday, I just did the baking soda. Which is not supposed to happen. I am not supposed to do that. I broke the law of blogger moms everywhere, but it’s okay because I’m not technically in their ranks.

So results of yesterday’s foray into no shampoo:
I mixed 1 tbsp baking soda with a cup of water and stirred it until the baking soda was dissolved. I poured about half of that concoction into a clean travel-sized shampoo container I had on hand. In the shower, I poured it over my roots and massaged it in. It was a really dissatisfying experience because there was no lather involved and it pretty much felt like I was pouring more water onto my head. I think I expected that a tablespoon of baking soda would bring that cup of water to a more paste-like substance. Oh well. Anyway, I left it in my hair for like two minutes and then rinsed it out. I didn’t have ACV so I just did without conditioner altogether. I let my hair air dry and it after an hour or two, after it had dried, it wasn’t greasy at all – but it felt too dry. I’m pretty sure that’s because I didn’t use the vinegar rinse. Blogger moms would be ashamed.

This morning my hair was greasy again but apparently that’s to be expected in the two-four week ‘transition period’ when the scalp still secretes excess oil because it expects to be shampooed. So I just did the BS rinse again and didn’t do conditioner again. My hair feels a little bit like straw but at least it’s not greasy. I’m going to pick up the vinegar tomorrow evening so I’ll have to go one more day without it. Hopefully it will even things out a bit.

I’m going to plan to do this for the next four months as a trial run. If it works, great. I’ll do it forever. If not, I’ll just go back to shampoo. Apparently some people who use this method can get to a place where they can go five-six days between washes [still rinsing with warm water in between, however]. If I could get to that place that would be great. I have really thick hair and I wash my hair every day to keep it from looking greasy. I’d love to get that number up.

So yeah. That’s fun. I don’t want to turn into a blogger mom so I’ll probably do two more posts about this – one at the end of June [the halfway point] and the other at the end of August, after the four months is up. Soooo… I guess that’s it. Thanks for your time.

here’s a cutsie patootsie picture of my cutsie patootsie face my hair so you have an idea of how not-greasy it is. you may notice that it stands up in the front. that has nothing to do with grease and everything to do with cowlicks, i assure you.

cutsie patootsie

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