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Welcome to this insignificant little corner of the internet that contains my thoughts and music. That’s an idea, isn’t it? That the internet has corners! Usually when I consider the internet as a whole I think it to be something like the sky, with no beginning and no end and that just goes – stretches infinitely in every direction. Perhaps this is a pocket then, an imperfection in the vast canvas of the world wide web sort of like that one shirt you have that has a place that’s been stretched more than the rest of the shirt and so try as you might you can never quite get that one little piece to just lie flat. Maybe that’s what this is – the annoying pocket of the internet. Or maybe your understanding of the internet is that is does have corners, in which case I would hope that the internet is three dimensional because eventually you run out of opportunities for corner placement on a 2D object. Or maybe the internet is round like a sphere and this blog is just another dust speck floating around inside it. Whatever the case, welcome here. I hope you stay a while.

I’ve had this blog for a number of years now. About a year ago I looked back on it and realized that the first two years of my blogging were really just a chronicle of all my pissy rants and unnecessarily dramatic problems. So I deleted the vast majority of those entries until all that was left of those two years were the three or four posts that didn’t make me cringe from the embarrassment of the awkward teenager I used to be.

I’m still a teenager and I’m still awkward but not as unnecessarily dramatic as I used to be (I hope) and for now this blog is home to what’s on my mind – which is usually music. Right now I’m in the midst of completing an 80 day song challenge, for which I post a new song every day in keeping with a requirement for the song (eg. a song that makes you happy/sad, a song that inspires you, etc.). I say “every day” loosely because I have the worst self-discipline ever and often these posts come more like every week or even every month. I started the challenge in March of 2013, wrote three posts, and promptly forgot about it again until September. So bear with me if I’m not right on track because I’m working on it, truly I am.

Sometimes I’ll post actual things that I’m thinking about/considering but not often. I think about a lot of things but a lot of it is not something I wish to bare to the world at this present time and so these real wordy posts are few and far between. Perhaps as I start to get over myself a little bit and learn that people are not here solely to judge me, I’ll begin to write more and post music less.

If you have a song requirement you’d like me to adhere to in a post I will take it into consideration and post the song I feel fits that requirement best. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the music that I post here, so feel free to leave a comment if you really love a song or really hate it or are really really ambivalent about it.


Condensed version:

Welcome. Stay a while. Leave a comment.

With love,


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