Day 52 – if I was a basket filled with holes, then she was the sand I tried to hold

Day 52 – a Song Whose Lyrics You Have Used as a Facebook Status Update

Ok so first of all, I’m back with this. Music Mariel is back. I am back to impart my musical choices to you.

So let’s talk about Day 52. Facebook status? Really? I haven’t really done the whole lyrics-as-status thing since 2011 so how about instead of dredging that up I talk about the shirt I got in the mail today.

I’ve mentioned mewithoutYou and my love for them about a thousand times already and I’m mentioning it again now. I LOVE mewithoutYou. They will rank in my top 5 favourite bands FOREVER. They’re really good. A couple of weeks ago I was bored and I had some money [not usually a good combination, for anyone ever] so I went on their webstore and looked at merch. They have really rad merch. Not quite as rad as The Last Bison, who sell soap in their webstore, but rad nonetheless. So I ordered myself a shirt and promptly forgot about it

I just got back from my reading break yesterday [during which I was able to go to Colorado! Praise the Lord for that!], so today I checked my mailbox for the first time in over a week and lo and behold, there was a package in it! So I tore it open just before my next class started and pulled out a beautiful green shirt decorated with beautiful artwork depicting a scene from Paper Hangar, one of my favourite songs from Catch For Us The Foxes, and lyrics at the bottom.

“Scratched around the mouth of the glass,

‘My life is no longer mine’.”

WOW. So cool. My life is NO LONGER MINE. The song goes on to say [though not the shirt] “If they ask for the sign of the Father in you, tell them it’s movement, movement, movement and repose.”

WOW. WOW WOW WOW. I love mewithoutYou. I’m pretty stoked to wear this shirt tomorrow and ponder the idea that my life is no longer mine, but I have in fact surrendered it completely to the Lord [or, I strive to do so].


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