what even are shampoo

It’s now been over two months since the last time I used shampoo and I totally don’t even miss it. I’ve already talked about it a bit [a lot, let’s be real] in my first post and my one month update so this shouldn’t be super long but it probably will be.

In my last post I mentioned that I had started using oatmeal as a cleanser and that it seemed to be working as a standalone product. After using it for another week, however, I realized that although my hair was ultra soft and voluminous, it was looking greasy. So oatmeal ≠ shampoo. So I considered using baking soda again. I used baking soda for the first few days of this experiment but discarded it because it dried out my hair with nothing to counteract it. But I figured that since I have the oats as a conditioner, the baking soda might be more effective than it was last time. I was right. The baking soda cleansed my scalp and left my hair looking and feeling great. I didn’t use the oatmeal on my scalp at all, instead focusing it on the ends of my hair [shoulders and down]. The results were perf!

So I used that combination twice in the first week of June, and then I didn’t use it again for exactly one week. I rinsed with hot water every day and scrubbed at my scalp with my fingertips, but that was it. No baking soda, no oatmeal, nothing except water and scrubbing. And it lasted me quite well for that week. It was only on that last day that my hair started to look greasy; for the previous six days it had been absolutely fine. So on that last day I used my BS&O combination and it was back to looking perf. And that was all very well and good.

I had knee surgery about two weeks ago now, on June 18th, and following the surgery there was a period of six days where I didn’t shower at all. Not even hot water rinses. I think that’s understandable given the circumstances I found myself in but my hair got super greasy and I was so excited when I could finally stand long enough to take a shower and wash my hair. So now I’ve had two week-long stints of not washing my hair, except that one of them ended up in my hair looking fine and the other ended in my pillow collecting grease at night. The difference was definitely in the water rinses. Now that I can stand with some surety of not falling over, I’m trying to water rinse every couple of days so I don’t look like a swamp thing. It’s working pretty well.

So yeah. For the last month I’ve been using baking soda and colloidal oatmeal and it looks like I’ll be sticking with it for the foreseeable future. I don’t have a picture for you this time [wat] but if you have a good imagination, look at the picture from the first post and add about an inch of hair. Yeah you heard me. An inch.

[currently listening: cold war kids//fashionable]


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