So at the beginning of the month I did a post as part of my song challenge about a cappella music. Before that I didn’t really know any a cappella music but I looked up a bunch of music for that post and found SO MUCH and I’ve been listening to a cappella for nearly a month. I just can’t get over this. The first song that I posted for the a cappella challenge was a medley by a group called Noteworthy, who were really rad so after publishing the post I looked up a bunch more of their stuff and found out that they had been contestants in the first season of The Sing-Off, which is basically American Idol for a cappella groups. WHAT. SO GOOD. So I looked into the show and found out they had SOUNDTRACK ALBUMS and I bought ALL OF THEM because they’re SO GOOD.

So one day I was just hanging out on my couch listening to these soundtracks and just nodding like yeah this is cray but then this one song came on and my eyeballs almost popped out of my head and I started it over to properly appreciate it and I think I pooped myself and then my dad walked by and I was just “HEY DAD LISTEN TO THIS” and I ripped my headphones out of my laptop so he could hear and HE THOUGHT IT WAS GOOD which is saying a lot because he’s a dad so then I looked up the group and listened to the rest of their songs and bought their album and I LOVE THEM and I’m probably going to post their WHOLE DISCOGRAPHY HERE because they deserve all the exposure ever even if it’s on a dumb music blog that no one really reads.

This is the song that almost made me crap my pants.

And here are other great songs.



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