Day 48 – hate will get you every time

I’ve been avoiding doing the next challenge for a while because it’s awful. Actually, it was supposed to be Day 47 but I ended up changing that day’s challenge in order to put off doing this one. But I also don’t want to just shuffle every challenge down a day. So I think I’m just going to not do it, but I’ll post an explanation.

[Unaired] Day 47 – a Song You Would Use to Cheer Up a Friend

What? What am I even supposed to do with this? If one of my friends was going through something difficult I can’t imagine how anything would be helped by me saying, “Hey, buck up, listen to this song.” So I’m not doing Day 47. But I feel a little guilty for ignoring the challenge so I’m going to post an unrelated song.


Day 48 – a Song Whose Lyrics You Take Advice From

See, this is much better. And I think it’s sort of related to the above challenge. Receiving heartening advice is much different from being cheered up by a song. There are songs that cheer me up, sure, but that has more to do with memories evoked by the song in question than the song itself – so a song that puts me in a good mood would almost definitely not have the same effect on a friend who has a different connection [or no connection] with that song. You feel me?

Songs to take advice from, however, are universal – sort of. Advice can be interpreted in different ways so what might mean one thing to me could mean something else entirely to someone else. Like for me, the song Let It Go is all about letting go but for a certain ice queen it was clearly all about mastering the art of architecture and dress-making.

The song that first came to mind when I thought of good advice was Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac, but since I’ve already posted a Fleetwood Mac song I’m also going to give you some Nada Surf, still in keeping with the advice category. Happy Monday.


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