Day 44 – you caught me on the way down

Day 44 – a Song From Your Favourite Band

Anberlin is my favourite band.  I first started listening to them when I was 14, shortly after the release of New Surrender [which I’ve mentioned before as being one of my favourite albums by them, despite being their worst work]. I can’t explain why I love them as much as I do. I know if I had discovered them even a year later I would certainly not like them as much as I do. Even now, it’s been difficult for me to get into their latest album simply because my tastes have moved away from rock. Their previous 6 albums, however, still hold a special place in my heart and Anberlin will be my favourite band for a while yet. They’re breaking up later this year and I’ll probably replace them as my favourites after that because I’m not very sentimental.

But for now they’re my favourites and I’mma post you a song by them.


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