Day 43 – if your pacific rivers all run dry, their clouds will fill my loud corrupted sky

Day 43 – a Song That You Will Never Get Tired of Listening To

This isn’t fair because humans are fickle beings and eventually we get tired of everything. Sure, there’s that song or that person you think is great but eventually it’ll get repetitive or you’ll need to take a break from being around them and that’s sad to recognize but that’s okay. You can listen to that song again when you’re ready. You can be around that person again when you’re ready unless you were mean to them in which case you may have burned that bridge and you have some asplainin’ to do.

So this post is a train wreck already, but the point I’m trying to make is that we all get tired of things eventually. My favourite movie is Edward Scissorhands but I can’t watch it a million times in a row and still have the same love for it. My max is four. I can watch Edward Scissorhands four times in a row before I feel the uncontrollable urge to get off my couch and do non-Tim Burton related things. I really, really, really have a deep and abiding love for strawberry Pocky but I can’t eat more than three boxes in one sitting because first of all I start to feel sick, but second of all it gets to be a repetitive, familiar taste and I get tired of it.

The same principle applies to music. There are a lot of songs I love love love but if I listen to them too much I will start to hate hate hate them. Like when Andrew McMahon released his first solo EP I listened to that thing like twenty times in a row (not really an exaggeration) and after that I never wanted to hear it again, even though Andrew McMahon is one of my favourite musicians and people in the world. I can listen to that EP again now but it took a long time to get back into that.


The point is, I don’t like Day 43. So I’m going to reinterpret this as “a Song That Requires Multiple Listens” and to that I say, LET ME LEARN YOU A THING ABOUT MULTIPLE LISTENS.

I am not in the habit of listening to things more than once just for the sake of listening to it. New releases are the exception to that – I already mentioned my binge-listening to Andrew McMahon, and likewise when Cold War Kids released Dear Miss Lonelyhearts last April I probably had that on repeat for a week – but that’s okay. Often new releases need a while to sink in, and multiple listen-throughs are the way to aid that process. [Incidentally, when Said the Whale released Hawaiii I hated it so much on the first listen that I didn’t even consider it again for the next four months, but I decided to give it another try in January and I began to warm up to it on my third listen-through and after having listened to it approximately 15 times since then, it has joined the ranks of the rest of Said the Whale’s stuff as solid gold.]

BUT there is a distinction that needs to be made between listening to something twice to let it grow on you and listening to something twice to let it impact you. There are some songs that you have to listen to twice in order for the meaning to completely sink in. I think I’ve already touched on La Dispute, which is one of those multiple-listen bands for me because their lyrics are fast moving and deep. When you first hear them, you think, “wow this is weird I don’t know if I’ll be able to get into this,” but then a snippet of a lyric will break into your conscious mind and you’ll restart the whole song so you can hear it in context and then your eyes will get really big and you’ll stop everything you’re doing so that you can devote all of your time and energy into paying attention to this song, this song that you thought was just noise but as it turns out holds more meaning than any novel you’ve ever had to read in 12th grade English.

mewithoutYou is one of those multiple listen bands for me. Their songs are chock full of wisdom and truth and pithy sayings that make you look off into the distance and reconsider everything you ever thought you knew about life. I don’t agree with all of Aaron Weiss’ theology but I cannot ignore the fact that the lyrics he pens are hard-hitting and relevant.

This song is from their latest release, a concept album about a circus train crash entitled Ten Stories. I can’t really describe this album to you because I don’t think I would do it justice, but I highly recommend listening to it. Here’s a playlist on Youtube if you’re so inclined. This song isn’t really a multiple-listen song for me, but the album itself is a multiple-listen album which is why I strongly encourage you to listen to it.

Nine Stories. Enjoy.


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