Day 42 – don’t fear what you can’t see

Day 42 – a Song From Your Favourite Female Vocalist

As a general rule I don’t really like female vocalists because for the most part, all female voices sound the same. As with every rule, however, there are exceptions. I’ve posted a few of these exceptions already, like Katherine Jenkins and Lykke Li. Both of these women have unique voices such that when you hear an unknown song you can immediately point out if it’s by one of them. A lot of women tend to have very similar voices, however – they can sing really high and really fragilely and don’t really have a range below B. I think there are a lot of awesome ladies who need to be celebrated but, as was my problem with Day 17 I cannot choose a favourite voice.

How. How do I compare Lacey Sturm‘s voice to Sam Pinkerton‘s  or Ellie Goulding to Nanna Bryndís? I really really can’t. All of these voices are beautiful but none are alike. So I think I’ll throw up a song from one of my favourite bands ever – the wildly talented Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.


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