Day 31 – we’re singing merry Christmas, here’s to many more

Day 31 – a Song That Makes You Happy

So it deserves to be said that my brother hall is the BEST. All the guys in that hall are full of love and caring and fun to be around. Yesterday they offered to carry me down the stairs after I hyperextended my knee for the third time and even though I declined that offer it still managed to make me smile on an otherwise terrible day so that was definitely something.

Last week, in lieu of a hall meeting, our brother hall threw us a surprise Christmas party. We arrived at our mystery destination to find Christmas music playing with presents under the tree and copious amounts of food and iced tea. For the first ten minutes we all sat together, enjoying fellowship with one another. I sat back in my chair and just watched all of these people that I love – both the girls from my hall and the boys from my brother hall – talking and laughing with each other and genuinely enjoying each others presence. As I was observing all of this, this song was playing in the background and I smiled as it played on and reflected my own feelings.

I don’t know how
But the closest friends I’ve ever known
Are all inside
Singing together
Singing “Merry Christmas,
Here’s to many more!”


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