Day 26 – livin the dream and lovin the life

Day 26 – a Song That No One Would Expect You to Love

Let’s get one thing straight first: I have nothing against electro pop. I actually quite enjoy it. I do, however, have something against fluff lyrics. Fluff lyrics + electro pop = terrible combination.

There was a band that I quite liked, back in 2008-09, called And Then There Were None. They were more electronic than pop and their lyrics weren’t totally profound but they were solid and overall, I enjoyed the one album they released. Then they took an undefined hiatus and no one really knew what was going on.

In late 2011, they emerged from the shadows with a fresh new face and a fresh new name: Young London. Although Young London had elements of ATTWN in their sound, their take on music was entirely different and sounded much more like something you would hear on Top 40 radio and I nearly cried when I heard the first single they released. They put out an album a couple of months later in 2012, and for some reason I got it.

Let me be quite frank with you – I do not like this album. I barely even tolerate this album. But it is catchy. Catchy beyond belief. I find myself listening to this album and – heaven forbid – even singing along when I’m doing something that I hate, like washing dishes or mowing the lawn. 

I’ve never told anyone this before. It’s a shameful secret, but since I’ve spilled a lot of secrets on this blog so far I thought it was about time this one came out. This particular song doesn’t make sense to me as to why it was even written in the first place, much less recorded and released as a single.


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