Day 20 – both a little scared, neither one prepared

Day 20 – a Song That Makes You Cry

I love Disney movies and during my first month here at Millar I made it my mission to watch all eleven Disney Princess movies. Beauty and the Beast was number 5 on my list and when I started watching it all I could think is “why haven’t I seen this in recent history?”

I think that before this year I’d only seen the movie a couple of times, and all before I was ten. I hardly remembered it but watching it again made me realize just what a great movie it is. And I’m not going to lie, I started bawling.

I cry all the time to begin with. I can and do cry for any reason whatsoever. And this movie was no exception. I loved Belle from the getgo, with her adventuresome personality and her spunk and moxie. But then when she got to the castle and started interacting with the Beast it made me appreciate her all the more for her loyalty and her kindness [kindness that goes so far as to make her not leave the castle when she has the chance]. AND THEN! And then during the snowball fight when she and the Beast sing Something There and we realize that they’re falling in love with each other it’s just SO DANG CUTE and I started crying a little bit there, but the real waterworks came at the titular song and their dance. As Belle descends the staircase and Mrs Potts begins to sing, I cannot help but cry. The lyrics of the song are completely cheesy but really, don’t they describe what many people are secretly hoping for? A friendship that turns into love.

So I’ve watched this movie probably four times since that original viewing back in September and EVERY SINGLE TIME, without fail, I start bawling at this exact part. It’s just so perfect.


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