Day 19 – how senseless death, how precious life.

Day 19 – a Song That Makes You Think

There are a lot of songs that make me think. Sometimes it’s through the complexity or simplicity of the music and I dwell on how the writer knew that that chord arrangement would be the most fitting for that particular song.

More often though, since I’m not usually that deep, the lyrics are what make me think – and no band has been more consistent in throwing down thought-provoking lyrics in my life as La Dispute.

The lead singer, Jordan Dreyer – or lead vocalist, if you will, since he doesn’t really sing – has a very powerful way of saying very powerful things. La Dispute’s latest album, Wildlife, dealt a lot with real-life situations and news stories. My personal favourite song (probably my favourite because it’s the first song of theirs that I was introduced to (but it is really good so my favouriting is warranted in this case)) is about a gang shooting that missed its intended target and the repercussions of that.

I can’t listen to this album as background music because no matter what I’m doing, at least one lyric will float through and make me sit straight up and go back to the beginning of the song so that I can hear the context that that one insignificant little line was spoken in.

So here’s my favourite song of theirs. Listen to the lyrics.


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