Day 17 – and don’t you think I wish that I could stay?

Day 17 – Your Favourite Male Vocalist

Yikes. This is a big question.

As a general rule I like male singers better than female singers. I prefer low vocals to high vocals (in most cases) and males tend to specialize in low vocals. There are a few exceptions, obviously, like Anthony Green rocking a soprano and Cassadee Pope hitting low C’s. But for the most part guys have lower voices and girls have higher voices. That’s just the way God made us.

Therefore I listen to a lot of male singers and I have a lot of favourites. Like a lot. A lot a lot and I’m not sure who to call my absolute favourite above all else. I mean I love Aaron Weiss‘ voice but I really can’t compare it at all to JT Daly‘s, just as I can’t compare Toby Morell‘s voice to Nate Henry‘s or Ben Gibbard‘s to Dustin Kensrue‘s.

So rather than go through the agonizing ordeal of picking a favourite male vocalist, I think instead I’ll post a song by a male vocalist whom I admire and have not yet posted about on this blog. I just gave you 8 songs in hyperlinks to listen to if you so desire (granted one is by a woman but she has an incredible voice so it’s worth it), but I’ll pick a different one by a completely different artist to showcase here.

Andrew McMahon.

About three years ago a friend showed me the song Dark Blue, by Jack’s Mannequin, and I loved it. Instantly. There was no hesitation or doubt about falling in love with the song and the singer, it was just… done. Andrew McMahon’s voice made no other option available.

There’s literally nothing that Andrew McMahon has released that I don’t like. From his early days fronting Something Corporate through his more mellow project Jack’s Mannequin to now, his solo days – everything he’s ever released has been incredible and I like it.

One of my favourite songs from his Jack’s days is from their first album, Everything in Transit. It’s my favourite album of theirs in general and in particular I really appreciate this one song.


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