Day 15 – we’re old enough to know, but too young to care

Day 15 – a Song From the First Album You Ever Bought With Your Own Money

I got my first iPod in the summer of 2009. Before then, I had never really listened to music. I mean back in 2007 my older sister had made me an Avril Lavigne mix cd and I listened to it backwards and forwards until eventually I’m pretty sure my dad stole it out of my room and threw it out so he wouldn’t have to hear the annoying strains of Girlfriend ever again – but I don’t think that counts as exposure to music.

So when I finally got an iPod I wasn’t actually sure what to do with it. I had literally no music, so I asked my sister to fill it with hers. She gave it back to me about twenty minutes later with around 700 songs on it, 90% of which I had no interest in listening to because they were worship songs and back then – and even now, though I’m not so adamant about it – I was not a big fan of worship music. Still, there were a few bands in there that I learned to enjoy, like Family Force 5, Hawk Nelson – and Anberlin.

I fell in love with them. Since my sister pirated her music from Limewire, I didn’t have a complete discography. I had a few songs from Blueprints, a few from Never Take Friendship Personal, and a couple from Cities. There were also three songs from the days when Anberlin was actually SaGoh24/7, which I didn’t like at all but still tolerated.

But I loved Anberlin. I loved Stephen Christian’s voice and I loved the weird lyrics and I loved the random covers they did. So the following March (on my birthday, actually), when I was at a Christian bookstore and happened to find one of their cds I bought it.

It was the deluxe edition of New Surrender. I had never heard any of it before but I loved the album. Even though now I realize that it was not their best work, and in fact I consider it to be their worst, it appealed to my tastes as a 15 year old and is still one of my favourite albums to jam out with and sing along to.

Usually if you ask people what their favourite song from the album is, they’ll answer “Feel Good Drag” because for the most part it’s the only song that people know. And although I do love Feel Good Drag, I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite.

My favourite song, rather, is one filled with a solid drum line and a strange chord progression on guitar and reminiscent sentimental lyrics. I love this song.


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