Day 14 – let your world be wide open!

I’ve taken rather a long break from this. Yesterday I had five things due and so I took the past week and a half to devote myself to finishing up my work; therefore blogging took a back seat. But I’m back now and will hopefully continue in somewhat of a more straightforward pattern.

Day 14 – a Song You Know of Thanks to a Friend

Many of my friends have excellent musical tastes and I’ve been influenced by those tastes as well as influencing them with my musical tastes. I’m constantly discovering new music and getting into new artists and bands based on their recommendations and usually I’m pleased with what I hear.

About four years ago, my best friend at the time sent me a list of bands I should listen to. One of these bands was Athlete, and I was hooked from the first listen. They’re still one of my favourite bands and they have a lot of songs that resonate quite strongly with me. They’re not well known by any means although I’ve heard a few of their songs pop up here in there in the most random soundtracks (Soul Surfer, anyone?). There is a plethora of songs I’d love to share with you but I think I’ll leave it at just one.


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