Day 13 – got so many moves I’m against the law… or whatever.

Day 13 – a Song that You Know All the Words To

When I was young I loved Family Force 5 and I must confess that I still harbour feelings of affection for them, awful as they’ve become. Their 2011 release was so sexually suggestive that I sadly bumped them down on my list of favourite artists until they were no longer anywhere near the list.

However, I still love their earlier two releases and specifically I love Business Up Front/Party In The Back. FF5 is an immature band with lame lyrics but beats that are catchier than a catchy thing and when I was 12 that what I liked, and since what you like when you’re twelve influences all of your later musical choices, I still like it.

I know all the words to this particular song and I was very proud of that back in my gangster rapping days, so here you go. Enjoy Soul Glow Activator’s scary screeching voice and head to the dance floor.


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