Day 12 – everything I do will be because of you!

Day 12 – a Song That Makes You Happy

I’m a sucker for love songs. A lot of people wouldn’t guess this after a cursory examination of my personality, but it’s true. I love songs about love and the cheesier, the better.

I’m also a sucker for Mae. Mae is one of my favourite bands and even though they broke up over three years ago I still love their music and I own quite a few of their albums.

So naturally, when Mae sings a love song, I’m hooked. And they’ve written a lot.

My favourite song comes on their final release, the (e)vening ep. It’s a song that actually runs through a story of romance, from the beginning days of dating to the anticipation of a life together. It’s cheesy and not really the most well put together song, but it’s cute and I love it and every time I hear it it makes me happy.

I hope you makes you equally as happy.


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