Day 10 – and when we speak life, life happens!

Day 10 – a Song That Has Special Meaning to You

I love singing. I don’t feel that I’m very good at it, but I can carry a tune and that’s what’s important. I especially love singing with friends, as mentioned a few posts before. I think music is a powerful thing and it has the ability to bring people closer together. There are two people in particular whose voices blend well with mine and I positively jump at the opportunity to sing with one or both of them.

Over a year ago we were preparing for our trip to Hollywood by having one last fundraiser before we left. This particular fundraiser was to be a talent show and I had had no idea what I would be doing until just the day before, when I lighted upon the idea of reciting a poem. So that morning I woke up prepared to tell the Cremation of Sam McGee, but I still sort of wished I could do more.

And then I had it – the perfect song to fit with a fundraiser for a missions trip.

I approached Jared and Kolten with this song and there was no hesitation on their part. They were just as eager to do the song as I was, so we started practicing. We found chords and lyrics and the words for the speaking part and we were set to go. Kolten played guitar while Jared sang the chorus and I spoke. We played the song that night and it was euphoric. It sounded so beautiful and I couldn’t help but feel honoured to be on the stage worshipping my God with two of the most talented musicians I know, singing one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

Whenever I now hear this song I’m reminded of that night but more than that, I’m reminded of the Spirit of God that moves us to do great works for His kingdom. We’ve been empowered by God through His Spirit to bring life and healing into a dead and broken world so how can we keep from praising Him and rejoicing in His name?


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