Day 9 – when you are near, music is all around

Day 9 – a Song You Can’t Listen to Just Once

In April of this year I started watching Doctor Who, starting with the ninth Doctor. It took a while for me to get accustomed to the bad SFX and acting of season 1, but by the end of it I was sad to see Christopher Eccleston go. I absolutely raced through the next six seasons because the plots were so intense and the characters became more and more believable.

I love the Christmas specials in this show. They’re so well-done and contribute to the plot of the show rather than being stand-alone episodes.

My favourite special was originally aired on Christmas Day of 2010, in between the fifth and sixth seasons. The plot was absolutely fascinating, but my favourite part was the music.

I could go through the plot of the episode and the reason this one song is present, but that would take far too long and I really just want to post the song.

A Christmas Carol featured the acting debut of Katherine Jenkins, who is an incredible singer and for whom this song was written specifically.

Every time I hear it, I put it on repeat. It’s beautiful and soaring and it fills the soul. I can never ever listen to it just once because it deserves so much more than just one hearing at a time.


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