Day 8 – I want to slay my demons, but I’ve got lots of them

Day 8 – a Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

In March of 2012 I found myself driving home from Hague. I had been visiting Claire for a couple of days, and it had been a good couple of days. We went to see Les Miserables one day and the next day, the opening night of the Hunger Games. It was a great time away from school and I look back on those few days fondly.

On Saturday morning I started the three hour drive back home, but had to stop in Melfort to pick up headphones I had forgotten at a friend’s house previously. It was going to be only a five minute stop, a quick hi-where-are-my-headphones kind of stop, but then I was invited on a trip to KFC and an impromptu kidnapping took place. I ended up staying the entire day in Melfort with four of my incredibly talented musical friends. We ended up having a four hour long jam session, and it was the perfect ending to a perfect week.

I love playing music but more than that, I love playing music with others and listening to the talents and abilities that flow out of them. As I was listening, one of my friends asked “Does anyone know David?” He received enthusiastic nods from everyone except me. I sat there looking bewildered – until they started playing it.

At first I thought the guitar intro was being played wrong. The time signature was all messed up! It sounded offbeat and just plain wrong. I knew Kolten could play better than that. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying it though, so I said nothing because clearly they had heard the song before and knew it better than I.

And then – and then the lyrics kicked in. They were unassuming at first but built and built and to help everything along, they were sung by Jared, whom I am convinced is the most talented musician in Saskatchewan and possibly in Canada. I loved the song and as soon as they were done playing it I blurted out “What was that?!”

“Noah Gundersen.”

I was in love. I got home that evening and immediately bought his Family EP and fell deeper in love. To this day, every time I hear the opening riff of David I remember that Saturday in March, when I was blessed just to sit with my friends and listen to them play music.

Listen and enjoy.


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