Day 7 – if I’m the great sea, you’re what I’m reflecting

Day 7 – the Most-Played Song on Your Playlist

I recently downgraded to iTunes 10.7 which means that all of the plays on all of my songs were reset and most of them now show 0 plays. However, the song that is currently the most plays (6) was also around 50ish plays before I downgraded, so it’s a pretty accurate representation of the song I listened to most in the time between when I got my laptop in March and when I downgraded in June.

I could probably go on and on about this song in particular because it’s so beautiful, but instead I’m going to instruct you to listen to this song, and then listen to the rest of The Peace of Wild Things and also buy it and then buy the rest of the Paper Route discography because it’s all so wonderful.

For now, let me bless you with this song.


3 responses to “Day 7 – if I’m the great sea, you’re what I’m reflecting

    • mmm so good. I had the privilege of seeing Paper Route on tour with Anberlin in April. Anberlin was terrible but Paper Route put on an absolutely flawless show. They’re actually better live.


      • Mmm I saw them back in ’09, they were amazing. I love those guys so much. Also that song in your latest post by Katherine Jenkins is one of my favourites too, as well as ANY Noah Gundersen. Why do you live in Canada? Nobody here has your awesome music tastes.


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