Day 5 – become.

Day 5 – a Song You Wish You Could Play On an Instrument

A very good friend of mine introduced me to Ludovico Einaudi about three years ago, telling me that his music was relaxing and good to study to. I looked him up and started listening to the album Nightbook, which had recently been released and is quite quite wonderful. The next year, he released a “greatest hits” album titled Islands, and I fell in love.

Last year I asked for a piano book for Islands, which I received and now cherish. Through it I’ve learned to play a lot of songs, but I find myself unable to play one of my favourite songs due to the gigantic leaps in the left hand. My left hand is less than dextrous to begin with, seeing as I’m right-hand dominant, but in this song the left hand carries the melody – which happens to be a very wonderful, legato, flowing and soaring melody that absolutely requires continuity in sound otherwise the song falls apart. I find myself time and time again unable to capture the beautiful sound of this song as my left hand is consistently chopping  the notes short and falling off the keys.

But Ludo seems to be able to do this song justice, so I’ll let you listen to him.


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