Day 4 – but salt, it’s in my blood

Day 4 – A Song From Your Favourite Album

This one is difficult because  I really don’t have a favourite album. There are any albums that I love love love but I really don’t think I can narrow it down to just one album that I love above all else.

So instead I think I’m going to change Day 4 as well.

Day 4 – a Song From Your Favourite Album of 2011

This one’s a little easier. I actually don’t like a whole lot of albums from 2011 but the ones that I do like, I like a lot.

Ben and the Sea is an Australian band that I’ve grown to love because of their fresh take on the whole hipster-music-thing. They play acoustic music but put their own twist on it so that it sounds unlike the things you’ve heard previously and gets stuck in your head.

The song that I’m posting is from their EP A Life Outside (Part II) and it’s beautiful, along with the rest of the EP as well as their subsequent and previous releases. It’s one of my favourite songs and speaks of the ocean so beautifully that it makes me wish I weren’t a hydrophobe.

Without further ado, The Sailor.


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