Day 2 – I’m lost without you

Day 2 – A Song You Like By a Band/Artist You Don’t Like

Day 2 was supposed to be “Your Least Favorite Song”, but I really don’t have a least favorite song. There are many songs that I dislike, but I dislike all of them pretty much on the same level and definitely can’t single out one that I hate the most. I dislike Super Bass by Nikki Minaj, but I also dislike As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber. Granted, I find one voice less grating than the other, but I don’t dislike one song more than the other. I dislike them the same. They are equal amounts of crap in my opinion.

However, oftentimes I come across a song I quite enjoy and can’t quite believe it when I find out who that song is by. An example of this would be She Wolf by Blessed By A Broken Heart. I really dislike BBABH. I think they’re awful. But for some reason I really like the song She Wolf, even though it’s not a great song in any respect. Hate the band, love the song. I’m an idiot.

But I really don’t want to put you guys through the horrors of BBABH so instead I’m going to post a different song here, one that a friend showed me a long time ago.

I don’t like Blink 182. I know that they were the pioneers of the pop punk genre and that they’re to be wildly respected throughout the music world, but I have never been able to get into them. I’ve never been a fan of the whole pop punk thing and Blink 182 didn’t really help with that. But they have one song that is in my top 10 favorite songs, because I love it. It’s simple and beautiful even as it reminds me of a simple and beautiful period of my life. To this day, it’s one of my top choices to finish of a mixtape or to pound out on the piano. It’s not a well-known song of theirs and I’m guessing that only a hardcore fan would know it off the top of their heads, but in my opinion it’s their best piece.


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