Day 1 – what new mystery is this!

A while ago a friend of mine made an 80-day song challenge which I have decided to try because let’s be real, I have no life but I kind of like music. So I’ll try to do this baby for the whole 80 days which should bring me to the beginning of June which means that I’ll probably quit in about two weeks but oh well, I’ll give it a shot anyway. Also if I don’t like some of the challenges I’ll make up my own in fitting with my mood or that day, yolo.

So without further ado, I bring you Day 1.

Your Favorite Song.

This is sort of a tricky one because my favorite song tends to change from mood to mood and from day to day. I usually can’t come up with a definitive answer to the question “What is your favorite song?” so more often than not I make something up.

After further pondering, however, I think I can say with certainty that my favorite song is a Glass Can Only Spill What it Contains by the incredibly talented mewithoutYou. mewithoutYou is the band that helped me realize that music is about so much more than jumping beats and catchy melodies. If I had never found them I think I would have turned out to be a very different person from the one I am today, since my love of music has helped to shape me as a person since the time I was 13.

a Glass Can Only Spill What it Contains is so full of theological paradoxes that I can never listen to it just once. Every time I hear it my mind is blown anew, as happens upon hearing most of mewithoutYou’s songs.


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