be my ocean gold!

I have decided to start blogging again. For realz this time.

If you know me personally or you’ve read my blog before, you’re probably either a) rolling your eyes, b) placing bets with your friends on how long this will last, c) writing me a hateful email about making promises I can’t keep or d) all of the above.

So for that reason I’m not going to promise that I’ll start writing posts once a week or even once a month. However, I have been feeling the need as of late to write stuff down and since I’m WAY to lazy to actually write I decided a blog would be the best place to go.

So I looked through this blog, and with 100+ posts it was so riddled with reminders of the way my life used to be and the opinion I used to have of myself that I considered just shutting this blog down and starting a new one. But as I was scrolling through the endless pages here I noticed a post here and there that I liked and wanted to keep. Having resolved then to keep this blog, I began the arduous task of going through my old posts and deleting the ones that aren’t relevant or edifying. In the end, I kept only 22 posts out of the 135 I had previously.

I don’t expect people to start reading this blog again. My only constant readers before were Tyson and Ruairí. Tyson has all but fallen off the face of the earth as of late and I’m sure Ruairí has written me off as a hopeless case.

The readers don’t really matter though. I’m not writing to be read, I’m writing to lend escape to the thoughts that ceaselessly plague my mind and interrupt my sleep. I’m writing because I love writing, not out of a craving for recognition.

I’m also writing because starting tomorrow we have a week off of school and everyone I know is jetting off to an exotic location while I’m stuck at home. I figure I’ll be able to assuage my loneliness and boredom through writing.

So the only reason I’m blogging today is to inform you that I’m blogging again… yeah. Redundancy.


currently listening to: Ocean Gold//Riley & The Roxies


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