you know her life was saved by rock and roll!

Yesterday I went to a Switchfoot concert with some of my favorite people. It was so great that I’m writing an entire post about it.

Openers: The Reason [BLOODY FANTASTIC BAND. i met the lead singer after the show [he was wearing two red plaid shirts], and we talked about music and Fleetwood Mac and hats and Canada. next time they come to saskatoon, i’m going to see them. They’re incredible.] They played a 6 song set [perfect length for an opener, i hate it when opening bands play full sets], and they played it flawlessly.

Main attraction: Switchfoot! I absolutely adore Switchfoot and set it upon myself to memorize their setlist as they played it so that I could record it here, which I did. So here is the setlist, along with my comments.

The Sound – perfect opening number! Total crowd-pleaser πŸ™‚
Oh! Gravity
The Original – from Vice Verses. it makes me excited for that album to come out πŸ™‚
Needle And Haystack Life – in this song Jon Foreman got off the stage and walked through the crowd. He touched my hand. I vowed never to wash that hand but I caved.
Restless – also from Vice Verses
Your Love Is A Song – I cried when they played this song. Before they started playing, Jon Foreman led with a short and simple introduction about the spiritual impact this song has on him. I love this song with all my heart and it’s easy to tell that they do, too. Every note they play [not just in this song, in every song] has such passion behind it that it’s nigh impossible not to get caught up in the music.
Awakening – another fantastic song. i think this is the song that made me fall in love with Switchfoot in the first place, so hearing it played was amazing.
Mess Of Me
Dare You To Move
Dark Horse – from Vice Verses. a song about the underdogs. Also, this was the first time they had ever performed the song at a concert, so it was extra-special πŸ™‚
Daisy – their first encore. They came onstage with a 13 year old boy named Sam, who had bought a VIP pass and was therefore allowed to hang with Switchfoot before the concert. He asked them if he could play violin with the song ‘Daisy’, and they were all for it. The result was one of the most heart breaking, moving, passionate songs I’ve ever heard. The violin added just the right melancholy touch, and that Sam kid could really play. I think i cried.
Hello Hurricane
Meant To Live – as with the starting song, this was the perfect song to end with.

So in short, this was an amazing concert. I listened to Hello Hurricane on the way home this morning, and honestly, it paled in comparison. Their live performance was stunning, absolutely breath-taking.

That’s my day.

currently listening to: rock and roll//the velvet underground


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