on hair, weddings, and the combined challenge of the two


Just kidding, it’s only been five months since my last post. This isn’t even my longest hiatus! I am so terrible at this. Blogging, I mean. Writing consistently in general. I bought a journal like a year and a half ago and I’ve filled 8 pages in it. Out of 250+ pages. But I digress. The real reason I’m showing my face here again is to talk about the literal bane of my existence: my hair.

First things first: I have great hair. I’m probably the vainest person I know because I’m actually in awe of how great my own hair is. It’s long and thick and I can literally do nothing with it and it’ll look awesome all day. This is wonderful for when I don’t want to get out of bed until five minutes before class starts, or for when all I have to do to get it looking presentable for church is put two (2) bobby pins in.

But I’m facing a unique challenge in this stage of my life called all-my-friends-are-getting-married. This in itself isn’t a challenge, since I love the concept of marriage and I fully endorse every couple I know who’s looking to tie the knot this summer. (By the way, that’s 43 couples. I’ve been keeping a list since January of all the couples I know who are engaged. 43.) I’ve been invited to 10 weddings already and I’m going to at least 8 of them. This, again, isn’t a challenge because anyone who knows me knows that I love weddings. Love them. Everything about weddings makes me happy and I will shed tears to illustrate just how happy I am about everything (and maybe a few tears for my perpetual singleness, but I’m learning to be ok with that, and anyway the vast majority are tears of joy at seeing so many beautiful things at once). Seriously, everything is beautiful at a wedding. The bride. The groom. The vows. The looks on their faces as they gaze awkwardly and lovingly into each other’s eyes. The people in the congregation who are there to celebrate the couple. The decorations. The food. The cake. The awkward MCs at the reception (I get to be one of those awkward MCs in just two weeks!). The cringeworthy open mics. The newlywed’s first dance. Literally everything is beautiful. I love&adore weddings.

While weddings themselves are not a challenging experience, however, my individual journey to get to that wedding is an ultra challenge. I don’t mean the physical trip, because all I have to do is hop in a car and drive. I mean the getting ready.

Choosing what to wear isn’t that big of a deal since I only own like three dresses, so I’ll just rotate them around. Also I feel literally no shame at people seeing me wearing the same thing twice, which is good because 7 of the weddings I’m going to this summer are Millar weddings, which means the guest lists will have huge overlap. So you’re going to see that bright yellow dress again, Millar folk. Mark my words.
Makeup is also not that big of a challenge since I’m pretty adept at doing my own and I’m also comfortable going without. Also summer is the best because half of what goes into my normal routine can literally metaphorically be tossed in the trash. Tinted moisturizer? Bronzer? I’m already bronze! Holla @ the sun for keeping my face glowing for at least four months out of the year.

Wardrobe, check. Makeup, check. The only thing left is…

hair. Mine is voluminous and wavy and totally inappropriate for any occasion more formal than a Sunday morning church service. Like I said, it’s great for the day-to-day, but not so great for everything else. It’s a blessing and a curse. A double-edged follicle. If I straighten my hair it looks better because at least it’s sleek, but it still doesn’t look formal. For the past two years, this girl from Millar named Carolyn has done my hair for grad and it always looks amazing. I look like a fairy princess. I feel like a fairy princess. This year for grad she did some sort of wizardry where she put my hair in a ponytail, curled small strands around her fingers, and then pinned those curls to my head. Then she put flowers in the whole thing! It looked amazing and while she was working her magic I was thinking, “This seems simple. I could probably do this myself.” How wrong I was.

Two days ago I realized that I need to figure out something to do with my hair so I stood in front of a mirror and tried for four hours to make my hair resemble anything other than a tumbleweed. It was a fruitless attempt. I tried to do Carolyn’s thing and it looked like a literal birds nest. Props to you, Carolyn. I have no idea how you do it. You are a grade-A wizard. I searched easy updos for incompetent people in google (those were my actual search terms), but even those hairstyles were too complex. So then I thought “Well I’ll just curl the ends then! That always looks formal,” but surprise! I can’t use a curling wand. After four hours of frustration, ruined bobby pins, broken hair elastics, and slightly singed fingers, I gave up. Only to try again yesterday. And again today. With the same results.

Don’t all girls know how to curl hair? I always thought that it was secret knowledge imparted to all girls when they reached the age of sixteen. But I was so wrong! Or at least I didn’t catch the secret. Maybe I just missed the knowledge-imparting, because it seems that every other girl I know has no problem curling her own hair, her friends’ hair, her dogs hair, her Barbie’s hair. But I have no idea. It’s a miracle that I can even straighten my hair.
These past three days of trying to do something nice with my hair have made me infinitely more grateful that God blessed me with easy towel-dry-and-go kind of hair, so that I can walk through my life without everyone realizing that I don’t know how to do hair. I have fooled everyone. They think I’m competent. How wrong they are.

So if you see Hagrid at your wedding this summer and you’re certain you didn’t invite him, don’t recheck the guest list. It’s not him. It’s me.


“But wouldn’t your hair look sleek and shiny if you brushed it?” 


Day 60 – this load feels so much lighter since i met you

Day 60 – a Song that Mentions Your Eye Colour in it

This seems like a weird category to me but I’m just going to roll with it. Conveniently, Coldplay’s sophomore album A Rush of Blood to the Head has a song on it called Green Eyes. How perfect is that! Thanks, Coldplay, for always looking out for me. Can we also take a moment to reflect on how great Coldplay’s early stuff is? I admire so much the way their sound has evolved flawlessly over the years, but in my opinion nothing beats the early days of Parachutes and Rush.

fatboy slim is THE man/i’ve returned(?)

Hey friends. It’s been a while. I’ve missed posting music so I’m back to do that and maybe I’ll start posting real things too? Who knows. I’ve had an eventful life these past 9 months. Things are weird and wonderful and happy and sad and I’m not sure what to make of anything right now.

But, to celebrate my return to el bloggo I’m posting my favourite celebratory song, not in the scheme of the song challenge but simply as a song that brings me joy.

Also, this music video is possibly one of my favourites of all time.


Day 58 – oh, i’ve got a burning fire in the bed of my soul

Day 58 – a Song that Makes You Want to Drive Down a Country Road

Welcome to Saskatchewan, where the country roads are terrible and the city roads are basically country roads. I do not think I have ever in my life heard a song that makes me want to jump in my car and take a bone-rattling ride down a narrow badly graded gravel path that may or may not be [and definitely is] filled with potholes, so many potholes that in fact the road is one big pothole and there are literally cows that just stand in the middle of the road like they’re at a mixer with all the deer that are also doing that and you may or may not hit some poor farmer’s dog because it just runs into the middle of the road like it has a death wish and heaven forbid that there’s snow or ice on the road because you will slip right the heck off into the bottomless ditch where you will probably never be found because you were the first one to traverse that particular stretch in the last 50 years or so and even when travellers do go down that road again in another 50 years they won’t see your rusted tin can because it’s in the ditch and one day archaeologists will dig you up and try to understand exactly what possessed you to drive through the desolate wasteland that is southern Saskatchewan [or North Montana as it’ll be known by then] and they’ll imagine it’s some heroic reason like you were on a quest and you sadly succumbed to the elements but the reality is you just heard a really good song and wanted to drive down a country road.

Literally never in my life have I felt that urge.

Day 58 – a Song

That’s more my style.

Day 57 – fine as we are, but we want more – that’s human nature at its best

Day 57 – a Song By a Band or Artist You Wish You Could Hang Out With

Lauren Aquilina is one of my FAVOURITE artists. I only discovered her a couple of months ago, but she’s really quite incredible. Her voice has a rather unique quality about it, being all at once both deep and soulful and high and feathery. She’s self-released three EPs over the last three years and has headlined several festivals in the UK, as well as toured in several different countries. She played her first show in the US to a sold-out crowd in Manhattan, and has gained the attention of the world through her elaborate instrumentation, poignant lyrics, and beautifully exquisite vocals. All of this is more astonishing when it’s taken into consideration that she’s only 19 – a few months younger than me, in fact. I know that all of this sounds very much like a rave review but honestly, this girl is so cool. I could fangirl about her all day.

One of my favourite things about Lauren is her social media presence. She treats her facebook fan page as a personal page, posting random pictures and status updates from her life. It helps not only to establish that she is in fact a very real person, but it also helps her fans to feel as though they’re her friends. She keeps track of the people who buy her music and recently gifted a special edition set of her Fools, Sinners, and Liars EPs to the girl who was the first person to buy Lauren’s music.

She’s just a cool person all around. If I could hang out with a band or artist for a day, I would love to hang out with Lauren.

This is the first song of hers I ever heard.

Day 56 – let my spirit sing sweetly for the love in Your eyes

On the real, Foy Vance is my boy. I put up a song by him two posts ago so this post isn’t really about him, but I just feel that he deserves some sort of recognition for how wonderful he is. Look him up. Buy his album. He’s wonderful.

So anyway, back to this challenge that has now been ongoing for nearly two years though it only comprises of 80 days.

Day 56 – a Song that Makes You Think About Space

Big concepts freak me out. The infinity of space is something that I am completely unable to wrap my head around, and thus it both terrifies and excites me. Another such concept is the vastness of the ocean, which doesn’t hold so much the excitement component as it does the terrifying one.

When I consider the impossible infinity of space, however, I cannot help but turn my thoughts to God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things. So although you know my aversion to most worship music, today I leave you with a song of worship – a song of awe in the face of a great and mighty God.